Mega Tesla Max Level Upgrade Costs, vs All Troops and Best Placement

The Mega Tesla is a powerful defensive structure in the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. It is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to incoming enemy troops, making it a valuable addition to any player’s base. In this article, we will be discussing the Mega Tesla’s upgrade costs, how it compares to all other troops in the game, and the best placement strategies for maximizing its effectiveness.

Mega Tesla Upgrade Costs

The Mega Tesla is available at Town Hall 11, and can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10. As with all other structures in the game, upgrading the Mega Tesla will increase its hitpoints, damage, and range. The cost of upgrading the Mega Tesla to each level is as follows:

  • Level 1: N/A (available at Town Hall 11)
  • Level 2: 4,000,000 gold and 4,000,000 elixir
  • Level 3: 5,000,000 gold and 5,000,000 elixir
  • Level 4: 6,000,000 gold and 6,000,000 elixir
  • Level 5: 7,000,000 gold and 7,000,000 elixir
  • Level 6: 8,000,000 gold and 8,000,000 elixir
  • Level 7: 9,000,000 gold and 9,000,000 elixir
  • Level 8: 10,000,000 gold and 10,000,000 elixir
  • Level 9: 11,000,000 gold and 11,000,000 elixir
  • Level 10: 12,000,000 gold and 12,000,000 elixir

As you can see, upgrading the Mega Tesla to its maximum level can be quite costly, requiring a total of 68,000,000 gold and 68,000,000 elixir. It is important to carefully consider whether the benefits of upgrading the Mega Tesla are worth the investment.

Mega Tesla vs All Troops

When it comes to defending against enemy attacks, the Mega Tesla is one of the most powerful structures in the game. It is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to all types of troops, including ground and air units. In fact, the Mega Tesla’s damage output is so high that it can take down even the toughest enemy troops in just a few shots.

However, the Mega Tesla has one major weakness: it cannot target enemy troops that are within its own walls. This means that if an enemy manages to breach your walls and get inside your base, the Mega Tesla will be unable to defend against them. Additionally, the Mega Tesla is stationary, so it cannot follow enemy troops as they move around the base.

Despite these limitations, the Mega Tesla is still an extremely valuable defensive structure. Its high damage output and ability to take down enemy troops quickly can make all the difference in a battle.

Best Placement Strategies for the Mega Tesla

When it comes to placing the Mega Tesla in your base, there are a few key strategies that you can use to maximize its effectiveness. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Mega Tesla:

  • Place the Mega Tesla near the center of your base, where it can cover the most ground. This will ensure that it can attack as many enemy troops as possible, and make it harder for enemies to avoid its attacks.
  • Surround the Mega Tesla with other defensive structures, such as Archer Towers and Cannons. This will help to protect the Mega Tesla from enemy attacks, and provide backup in case any enemy troops manage to get past it.
  • Use the Mega Tesla in conjunction with other defensive strategies, such as traps and walls. The Mega Tesla is a powerful tool, but it cannot defend against every type of attack on its own. By using a combination of defensive structures, traps, and walls, you can create a well-rounded defense that is capable of fending off even the strongest enemy attacks.
  • Experiment with different Mega Tesla placements to see which one works best for your base. The best placement for the Mega Tesla will depend on the layout of your base, so it’s important to try out different positions to find the one that offers the most protection.

Overall, the Mega Tesla is a powerful defensive structure that can provide a significant boost to your base’s defenses. By upgrading it to the maximum level, surrounding it with other defensive structures, and carefully positioning it within your base, you can maximize its effectiveness and protect your base from enemy attacks.

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