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Clash of Clans Town hall 5 is quickly becoming one of the best bottom levels. TH5 Base Links is not as demanding and difficult as the game’s other stages. There are a few easy and fundamental things you must accomplish at the beginning level in order to create the ideal th5 base layout for your clan. Create a list of your clan’s new upgrading priorities first. You are considerably more knowledgeable about which structures have already been upgraded and which ones still require improvement. It is very advised to enhance the lab and the magic factory before moving on to other buildings.

This greatest th5 bases guide includes some of the most remarkable th5 base designs. The first base discussed is a style of trophy base arrangement where winning trophies is prioritized more. In all the base plans, the town hall is typically kept in the middle. Since the town hall’s security is crucial, we must keep it out of the reach of potential adversaries. As a result, the town hall is kept in the heart of this greatest Th5 base, encircled by a hard-maxed wall. The best army towers and defense structures are located in four separate divisions.

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