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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a modern and functional base layout for your Builder Hall 9 base.

Pekka with the Cannon Cart is the best strategy at Builder Hall level 9. Make sure the Cannon Cart and the Pekka soldier are at their highest level of 18. Pekka is so huge that you might compare them to a group of cavemen. They resemble tank personnel and have high hit points, thus they can be placed in front of the gun carriage.

Other forces, such as Night Witches, pale in comparison to super Pekka. On level 18, it gains around 650 health or hit points.

This is one of the best and safest BH9 bases. The builder’s hall, which is in the center, is surrounded by the best defense towers. Two levels of the wall are sandwiched between all the structures. These defenses will divert the attackers, forcing the opponent to knock down every wall in order to reach the center. The resource structures are evenly dispersed around the clan. Thbuilder’ser hall is surrounded by bombs, archery, air defense, etc.

At Builder Hall, level 9, the guns and double cannons are virtually everything. They provide an effective defense against ground attacks. like an enormous attack.


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Best Builder Hall 9 Base Design


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